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Laqfoil stretch ceilings and other stretch technology products are a very effective replacement for drywall, stucco, and any other wall finishing technique. Stretch ceiling does not require mudding, sanding, painting, or any of the other steps of drywall installation. The entire installation time from start to finish for an average size stretch ceiling is 2 hours, and there is no dust, dirt, or debris left behind. The materials used do not require any special handling, ventilation, or solvents for post-installation cleanup. They are completely non-allergenic and are particularly suited to households, but can also be an excellent solution for offices or public places. These advantages make stretch technology a more aesthetically appealing, streamlined, and much less labor intensive alternative to drywall or stucco. The cost of stretch ceiling installation is not higher than the cost of drywall.

The following chart compares other alternatives to stucco or drywall, such as tile, suspended ceilings, plasterboard, or lath: 


Stretch Ceiling

Tile Ceiling

Suspended ceiling

Plasterboard ceiling

Lath Ceiling

Moisture resistant

Time for installation (20sq.m)

2 hours

Over 4 hours

15 hours

Over 20 hours plus paining

5 hours

Color choice

Over 180 colours

Needs painting

5 colours

Needs painting

5 colours

Loss of room height






Need to renew the wall

No need

Painting every 2-3 years

Every 3-4 years

Painting every 2-3 years

Every 3-4 years

Warranty period

10 years

3 years

2 years

15 years

3-4 years

Multi-level opportunity


This chart clearly demonstrates why stretch ceiling technology is becoming so popular in North America.

Mechanical Properties

PVC stretch membranes weigh 0.17-0.18kg per square meter. One sheet of stretch ceiling tracks can hold up to 25gal of water in the case of a water pipe leak. The recommended size of a single sheet of stretch ceiling is 50-60sq.m; installations as large as 200-220sq.m are possible and are under regular warranty terms. Laqfoil can handle any perimeter for 2D stretch ceiling installation.

Canvas material is also very light: one square meter of canvas fabric typically weighs about 185-245 grams. Canvas membrane film comes in a variety of textures and is only 0,35-0,44mm thick. The tensile strength of canvas is better than 350N.  

Building Code Compliance

Fire rating: vinyl stretch ceiling material is certified as CAN-S102 & ASTM-E84. It has also been awarded a new Euro classification to: EN13501-1, Rating: B S1 d0, UK Equivalent to Class “0”, and USA fire rating Class 1 Type A designation for building regulations. (European Tested). Canvas material is certified as DIN4102-B1; NFPA 701, acc. M1, IMO; Euroclasses DIN EN13501-1, B-s2, d0 fire safe.

Hygiene: (typical microbiological trial 14 days): chlorinated solution wipe, after 7 days inoculated Bacterium – E.Coli, Listeria, Salmonella, Yeast, Mould – none detected. (European Tested).

Thermal Emission Factor (vinyl): NH/PTH: Matt – 0.16 / Satin 0.16 High Gloss & Metallic – 0.15; thermal Emission Factor ESPIL: Matt 0.84 / Satin 0.84 / High Gloss & Metallic – 0.85.

Light and heat: stretch technology materials are rated for -400F/C - +1400F(+600C) and are UV-resistant (don't fade under direct sun light).

Electrical safety: stretch ceiling materials (vinyl and canvas) are electrical insulators and pose no electrical risk or hazard. The canvas tracks are also made of plastic and are electrically safe. The aluminum tracks of vinyl installations have to be installed according to the requirements of the regional Building Code and the insurance underwriter of the household or business that apply to  indoor wall mounted installation of light metallic structures. Laqfoil uses only CSA and UL approved stretch ceiling accessories.

The Vapour Barrier properties of stretch ceiling have secured awards from the Swimming Pool and Allied Trades Association; Vapour Tested NF EN 14716 § 4.1.3.

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