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Stretch Ceiling is a light structure that is suspended from the ceiling or installed on the wall of a home, office, industrial, sport / recreational, or entertainment facility, or any other building. It serves the purpose of enhancing the visual appeal of the space, but it can also augment acoustic properties, provide a bacteria-free medical environment, and offer energy-saving benefits. Stretch Ceiling technology can also be used for light diffusion, to create floating opaque or translucent panels, or to create sculptural 3D shapes.

A Stretch Ceiling system consists of a firm perimeter frame with a lightweight textile membrane that has been stretched and affixed to it. It is not necessary for the frame to be flat or rectangular. This allows for an endless variety of creative structures, which can be used to improve an interior environment.


Plain weave fabric with the look of canvas is commonly used for wide format prints. It is made of polyester with a special polyurethane (PU) coating. Other materials are used occasionally. The material is very light: one square metre of canvas membrane textile typically weighs about 185-245 grams. The canvas membrane comes in a variety of textures, and is only 0.35-0.44mm thick.

There are no limitations on the colour of the membrane material. We carry over 260 colours and take orders for custom colours. It is also possible to apply various prints to the membrane, turning it into a powerful instrument of aesthetic impression. If the membrane is stretched by an external force (e.g. water accumulation from broken pipes), it will fully restore its shape when the external load has been removed. After a Stretch Ceiling is assembled, it can sustain considerable loads (over 25 kg applied to a small area) without breaking or rupturing. Our canvas textile’s tensile strength is better than 350N.  

Typical Stretch Technology Canvas Parameters:

Rooms in which sound bounces are called ‘reverberative rooms’. Our canvas textile produces a noticeable decrease in the sound level of reverberative rooms. When layered over sound insulating batt (glass wool), stretch ceiling canvas textile achieved a class A acoustic rating in Europe. By combining both plaster board and glass wool with the membrane, not only was the acoustic rating class A (the highest rating available) but a sound attenuation of over 35 dB was achieved. Canvas membrane is available which incorporates invisible perforation for improvement of its acoustic properties.

Fire Rating: the material is certified as DIN4102-B1; NFPA 701, acc. M1, IMO;

European classes DIN EN13501-1, B-s2, d0 fire safe.

Canvas material is fire permeable.

Stretch Ceiling frames are generally made from rolled aluminum or PVC, and have a special locking system that guarantees a smooth and wrinkle-free membrane. Stretch ceiling installation is usually performed by trained professionals in order to achieve better results.