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Laqfoil provides four main types of Stretch Ceiling products: Stretch Ceilings, Stretch Ceiling tiles, decorative wall panels, and 3D installations. We also provide Stretch Ceiling accessories.


Stretch Ceiling is an excellent and distinctive tool for improving the look and feel of a home or office. However, in our daily life we tend to look more frequently to our walls. Laqfoil has the perfect solution with our decorative wall panels, which use Stretch Ceiling technology to enhance and enliven the walls of the rooms where you live, work, or play.

Laqfoil can make and install decorative wall panels of any color and finish available to Stretch Ceiling. We can apply any pattern or image to the panel, always catering to our customers' specific choices and tastes. Whether you wish to have a wall that seems to look out onto a tropical beach or one that shows a penthouse view of a city skyline, we can do it for you. A decorative wall panel can be backlit, giving you the added option of special lighting effects. It does not have to cover the entire wall; a decorative wall panel can transform the space between two windows, the side of a staircase, or even a sliding door into an exciting focal point for a room. It can display anything from an acclaimed piece of high art or a work from a top photographer to a picture that has a special sentimental meaning to you or your loved ones.

A decorative wall panel is not simply a radical way to make a room or office stand out as one of a kind. Usually wall will accumulate dust, bacteria, and allergenic agents over the years no matter how well or how often is it cleaned. A Laqfoil decorative wall panel will separate the walls from the air in the room, keeping their emissions contained and purifying the air that you breathe. That’s why these wall panels are often seen not only in high-end buildings and theatres, but in medical facilities as well. decorative wall panels can also cover wires, pipes, and other unsightly building elements, giving a room a clean and elegant look.

A decorative wall panel can be used to augment or even replace a standard drywall installation, and is much more cost-effective, durable, environmentally-friendly, and easy to install. It can easily incorporate lighting fixtures, electrical outlets, and other necessary elements of a wall. Laqfoil can provide you with special wall accessories that will further heighten the aesthetics and convenience of a living or business environment.

Please contact Laqfoil for a free, no obligation quote about installing decorative wall panels in your home or place of work.