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Laqfoil provides four main types of Stretch Ceiling products: Stretch Ceilings, Stretch Ceiling tiles, wall mounted systems, and 3D installations. We also provide Stretch Ceiling accessories.

Stretch Ceilings always enhance the look and feel of a room, making being there a unique aesthetic experience. Stretch Ceilings can be installed at home or in the office, as well as in entertainment venues, sporting locations, medical facilities, clubs and restaurants, and countless other settings. But beautifying an interior space is not the only benefit to using a Stretch Ceiling.

Stretch Ceiling saves energy. It forms a thin layer of air between the membrane and the structure of a building. This air serves as thermal isolation, which reduces heat loss in winter and maintains indoor temperature in the summer.

Stretch Ceiling improves the air quality in a room. A regular ceiling is usually covered by plaster, stucco, or paint, and is relatively difficult to clean. It inevitably accumulates dust, bacteria, and allergenic substances over the years. Stretch Ceiling stops this accumulation and contains it. This prevents the room from receiving the negative emissions of a regular ceiling.

Stretch Ceiling enhances the acoustics of a room. Music or cheers will sound totally differently in a theatre versus a community skating rink. This difference is due to the ceiling. Stretch Ceiling enhances the acoustic features of a space and is commonly used in theatres and high-end venues to improve the quality of sound inside.                                  

We expect sunlight to come from above. When we build our houses, we put chandeliers or lamps on the ceiling. This is not sunlight, but is as close as we can get with a regular ceiling. A back-lit Stretch Ceiling allows for an endless variety of illumination effects in a room, from the blue sky of the Prairies to a starry night in the tropics, from a Renaissance stained glass window to a colourful pulsing light in a dance club, or from a bright white medical room to the dimmed intimate lighting at a restaurant.