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Laqfoil Stretch Ceilings and the Environment

Laqfoil stretch ceiling is a stylish and appealing component of interior design, but it’s also highly environmentally friendly and a great way to save energy. Once installed, it creates a thin layer of air that separates the stretch ceiling membrane from the structural elements of the building. This layer thermally isolates the room, reducing heat loss during the winter and heat gain during the summer. The stretch ceiling material itself is also heat stabilizer. These qualities make stretched ceilings an effective energy saving tool. Following the installation of a Laqfoil stretch ceiling product, the power consumption of a household or business drops substantially, and so does its carbon footprint.

The components of Laqfoil stretch ceiling products are neither heavy nor bulky, so emissions that are associated with transport and installation are minimal. Installing stretch ceiling replaces the paint application, eliminating the associated VOC emissions, off gassing, and toxic waste, as well as the use of toxic solvents for clean-up. Laqfoil stretch ceiling’s lifespan exceeds ten years, covering several painting cycles. Installation is a fast, streamlined process that does not use any toxic materials and does not require any intensive post-installation cleaning because it does not generate any of the waste associated with drywall and stucco installation.

Laqfoil stretch ceiling is water washable and does not require any strong detergents to keep it clean and fresh, unlike any other wall or ceiling covering. All the materials that are used in Laqfoil stretch ceiling technology are completely recyclable, and require no special handling or disposal procedures.

Laqfoil stretch ceiling products are a superb environmental protection solution for the place where you live or work, or the place you’re working on.

  • It reduces your carbon footprint due to its energy saving benefits and low transportation requirements
  • It reduces air pollution because installation of a stretch ceiling does not require any volatile toxic components
  • It reduces land pollution due to minimal amount of waste generated during installation
  • It reduces water pollution because it is water washable

 Installing a stretch ceiling also has positive impact on your indoor environment. Laqfoil stretch ceiling membrane is made from a 0.12-0.14 mm thick polymer film which is cadmium free, and uses aluminum or hardened PVC for surface attachment. The polymer film is the part of the stretch ceiling that is exposed to the room. This material is more commonly known as vinyl and has been broadly used since the middle of the 20th century. It’s resistant to oil, chemicals, sunlight, water, and flame. PVC has been used as the principal material for food containers and water bottles for many decades; no negative impact on breathing air, water, or food has ever been detected from the use of vinyl. A vinyl stretch ceiling is 100% safe and even improves air quality by eliminating the dust and allergens associated with traditional wall and ceiling materials. There is absolutely no negative impact on a room environment from a PVC stretch ceiling, only positive effects such as cleaner, fresher air.

Laqfoil stretch ceiling product is not only environmentally friendly, but also visually captivating, and will grant any home or office an exquisite look and feel.



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