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Large images have been an integral part of the aesthetic environment since the first fresco appeared on a wall centuries ago. With modern advancements in technology, the construction of large buildings and wide-open indoor spaces is easier than ever, and Laqfoil stretch ceiling technology provides the perfect way to elegantly adorn these spaces with minimal time and effort. Applying a wide format print to stretch ceiling material allows an image of practically any size to be created with modern high-resolution quality. Unlike regular wide format prints, a stretch ceiling technology print will not age, fade, peel, or accumulate dust. Laqfoil can apply any pattern or image to our stretch PVC or Canvas material, always catering to our customers' specific choices and tastes. It can cover an entire wall or ceiling, or even visually merge the ceiling and walls for a stunning optical effect. Just imagine having a blue sky above and the Rocky Mountains ahead in your room, entryway, or exhibition hall. 

Laqfoil stretch technology prints can also cover wires, pipes, and other unsightly building elements, giving a room a clean and elegant look. We can provide you with special accessories that will further heighten the aesthetics and convenience of a living or business environment. Any type of new or existing ceiling or wall fixture can be integrated with our printed material. Convenient installations thus result in breathtaking vistas.