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Printed Images

Canvas or translucent membrane can be printed with any high-resolution digital image. Images are applied at the Laqfoil production facility before installation. Our printing equipment supports images that are up to 3200mm wide, and there is no length limitation. This printing technology is similar to the technology that is employed by modern ink jet color printers, and yields similar photo-grade quality and color palettes. The essential difference from a typical office ink-jet paper print is that the image is applied to the preheated canvas surface. At the higher temperature the color ink diffuses into the canvas material, and image becomes permanently welded into the membrane substance. As the result it turns out to be very durable, peel and UV resistant, and retains its original properties for 10 years or more. Minor scratches do not leave visual traces on the printed image. No finishing touches with paint are necessary before, during, and after the installation.


The source image for printing may be either digital file or paper. The image does not have to be digitized before sending it to Laqfoil. If our customer only has an analog image, we have available a high-resolution scanner to produce a digital version of the image. Laqfoil printing equipment incorporates image enhancement software, which allows us to reduce the granularity of a printed image, and to avoid other downsides that are associated with the digital scaling of images. Our industry standard wide-format printing equipment supports up to 720 X 720dpi variable resolution for the final print product.